In School Facilities

~Pre-eminent Guidance Guidance and discipline are an essential parts of helping children develop appropriately. Team Language Services is the most credible school of Japanese learning. Covering up with all the minute details of the course we also focuses on the listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Team Language Services provides with the best learning and career guidance accompanying with the foreign visa.

~Inlying Library “The best knowledge gained is the knowledge forever retained” and it is only possible with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The library supports reading and literacy among students and the community. The idea of a library signals nothing else but reading and pursuit of knowledge. It forms a habit and tradition of reading among students and members of the society.Team language services has its own in house library which is very rare to find. The Best and most useful attribute of Team Language Servicesis the Library which includes different Japanese Books, Novels, and Manga. A place where one can self-study peacefully.

~In-school Slipper Facility A lot of rules regarding indoor manners in Japan are related to footwear. A clear line is traditionally drawn between inside and outside, and outdoor shoes and indoor slippers are handled accordingly. This mannerly etiquette is also followed in Team Language Services. The students coming to learn Japanese here need to wear slippers before entering into their respective classes. It’s one of the compulsory rule of the institute.

~Biometric Attendance Punctuality is the most essential and respectful trait of Japan. In context with the punctuality of the class timings Team language Services look forward with the biometric attendance which is highly professional and also ends up with being punctual on a regular basis.

~Tablets with headphones Japanese listening practice is the most necessary part for one to master in Japanese dialect. We had add on TABLETS with Headphones in the library for one to one practise with the maximum amount concentration and peaceful individuality. One can explore any level of listening from basic N5 level to super advanced N1.

~Smart Classes Smart classroom is technology-enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. Smart board studies not only makes the levels exciting but also the visual representation lasts on ones minds for a longer time period. While keeping it in context Team language Services benefits with on projector visual representation studies where one can cover up all the required fulfilment of a particular topic.