Why up for Team Language Services?

Japanese culture is very sterling and delightful. Not only the lifestyle but even the way people are addressed and the way to communicate with someone is unique. It’s not just the bowing, at different angels, but the Japanese people use honorifics in the conversations to emphasize social ranks or social intimacy. With keeping an eye on this absolute culture and tradition;

Team Language Services with keeping an eye on this beautiful culture gives you an opportunity to get an advanced level learning of Best Japanese and also facilitates with providing Japan visas by cracking JLPT. On the contrary job placements in highly reputed work sector are also one of the benefits provided by our institute. The best method of teaching provided is by very skilful teachers who have reached at completion with a great number of skilled students who have passed the proficiency test with flourish of trumpet. Apart from that, the ambience that the students find here is compatible for mastering Japanese language worldwide and the particular level one have opted for. One starts with the initial base and is further taken to the advance level of the Japanese language in the best possible way the Japanese language not only covers up the 5 levels but also students are also given the perception of mannerism, culture, business ethics and etiquettes and corporate mannerismwhich are highly observed in Japanese culture.

Start speaking Japanese like a native within 6 months or less
even if you have never spoken a word in Japanese!

If you’re a beginner and looking for a proven Japanese language institute in Delhi, wait no more…. Grab our beginner Japanese language course, join other 1000+ Japanese learners from all over the world at TLS, as well as receive certification as soon as you complete a level!

Why 1000+ students chose us:

Offline and online classes: We provide both online and offline classes which means that you can customise the classes according to your schedule.

TLS App: We have our own app through which you can take online Japanese classes if you can't come to the institute. It has an awesome feature, which allows you to record classes to watch later.

Job Interview Preparation: You'll get proper guidance on how to crack any Japanese interview anywhere in the world easily

Japan visa process : From the Japan visa process to accommodation, we deal with everything for students who wish to get a job in Japan.

JLPT Exam Preparation : we do prepare our students beforehand for JLPT exams so they can pass with good grades.

Backup Class : Our instructors will provide backup classes if you miss a class.

Professional Native Instructors : Learn from N1 certified Indian as well as native Japanese teachers with 6+ years of experience in teaching at TLS institute.

Digital & Latest Education Tools : In our classroom, we use the latest digital technologies, including tablets, smart classes, and biometric attendance, with which our students grasp topics fast and easily.

Small Batches : Our batches are small so that teachers can easily answer your queries in depth and leave no questions unanswered.

TLS Free Library Access : You'll be able to access our in-house library, which will be useful for you and has helped our previous students level up their language proficiency.

Japanese Cultural Activities & Games : Every Saturday and Sunday our students engage in extracurricular Japanese activities and games such as wearing kimono, making origami sheets, chopstick games and so on...

If you Enroll in a TLS Japanese course today, then within the next 3-6 months….

  • You’ll feel confident while speaking japanese
  • You’ll be able to write, read and understand conservative Japanese quickly.
  • You’ll be ahead of most of your competitors who are on the way to learning the language.
  • You can watch any series, youtube videos or even listen to any japanese podcast comfortably.
  • You’ll be able to crack any job interview with confidence.

Success stories of our students

Take the course & Discover how to crack any Japanese interview to get a high paying japanese job

Japan and India have a long history of cooperation and partnership, and this has resulted in a strong and growing job market in the country.
From marketing and sales to engineering and finance, there are a wide range of job opportunities available for those interested in working with Japanese companies in India. Thus, inside our course you’ll get extra classes where our professional teachers will guide you step by step on how you can crack any Japanese interview without much effort.